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Online auctions antiques

Online auctions with antiques ranging from low to high end offer the perfect occasion for the opportunist. Veilingbedrijf SPIES provides online auctions selling anything from antiques to cars, Japanese porcelain marks or domestic items just to name a few. Everything can be arranged online from beginning to end:

  • Viewing of online catalogue
  • Bidding steps
  • Payment
  • Transport

Easy to do business with
Veilingbedrijf SPIES is easy to do business with, as you can view our catalogue online, start the bidding process, pay online and we can arrange transport of your purchases to your home if so desired. Furthermore, you can never pay more than you would like due to our bidding system that incorporates an expenditure limit.

How do I get started?
If you REGISTER here, you can login and start the bidding process. Please check our website for the next dates of online auctions for antiques or other product categories. For questions, please consult +31-(0)318-610057 or send us your questions or remarks through the contact form. We are happy to assist.

More information regarding our services:
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